Do I need a home inspection?

A home is potentially the largest purchase you will make. Having a professional evaluate the condition to make sure you don't have unforseen major repairs right out of the gate is highly recommended. The detailed report you recieve from All Clear Home Inspections LLC not only lists the issues with a home, but it is also color coded by severity  (i.e. Red - Health and Safety, Blue - Repair, Yellow - Warning, Purple - Maintenance) to further help you as a home owner know what needs attention right away and what things can be done later as time and money allows. 

Should I attend the inspection and how long does it take?

Yes. If it is possible we highly suggest you attend so things can be explained and pointed out about the home; however, it is not required. 

On average one should expect that a single family home will take about 3 hours. Condos a little less and larger homes a little more. We generally start on the outside of the home first and then work our way inside.  

What is included in my inspection?

Every home inspection includes a full written report, a complimentary copy of How To Operate Your Home, by Tom Feiza, and a phone consultation regarding the findings, if needed. 

The home findings are e-mailed in an easy to read report with color photos, a summary page of health and safety, and repair items. The report usually complete within 24 hours. The scope of the inspection covers most everything from the shingles to the foundation, including electrical, plumbing, and mechanical components of the home. Certain things are not covered; however, such as elevators, hot tubs, out-buildings, and saunas. We also can only inspect what we can see and get to without any destructive testing (i.e pulling sheetrock, flooring, or furnishings).